I think there are more than 16 volumes for me…

I think there’s more than 16 volumes for me...

I think there’s more than 16 volumes for me…


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  1. And it’s companion piece: “Real Human Confrontations Replayed in Variations” – Win or Lose, it doesn’t matter, you’ll get to relive these rare moments over and over for weeks or even months to come.

  2. *”No, mom and dad, you guys take out the trash and clean my room. This is YOUR house, not mine. You should be the ones taking care of it.”*

    The best hypothetical argument I’ve ever won in the shower.

  3. I have a lot of cringey things I’ve said in conversation that I’m forced to relive every time I’m in the shower or lying in bed at night.

    “Thanks for shopping at ACME!”

    – “You too!”

  4. In all honesty, if you’re having arguments with others in your head often, and you get worked up while having them, you should really try to stop. I realized I was making myself angry/mad over things in my imagination all the time. Over things that may or may not ever happen. While washing dishes, taking showers, driving, you name it, I was winning an argument in my head while doing it. What a waste of energy. My life has been much less anxiety prone now that I have realized that I do it all the time and cut it out. I don’t get worked up over the small things anymore either, because I’ve taught myself that my anger is only punishing me. Retraining my brain to not dwell on shit was hard, but I just kept trying to catch myself in the act of doing it and it eventually stopped.

  5. Oh good, these will look good next to my “Hypothetical arguments I’ve won in the car” and “Hypothetical arguments I’ve won while pacing around my apartment” collections.

  6. Joe Rogan talked about this. He always thought he was just a weirdo until he asked a friend if ‘they ever imagined conversations with people that weren’t there’s and he said ‘all the time.’

  7. > “These conversations I had in my mind usually repeated the beginnings of conversations I’d really had with Buddy, only they finished with me answering him back quite sharply, instead of just sitting around and saying ‘I guess so’.”

    The Bell Jar

  8. Personally, I would have Sequels: Hypothetical Arguments I’ve Won in the Car (driving alone while Hungry), While Choosing Clothing, While Cleaning House. .,.

    OMG, I’m so alone.



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