7 Pokemon Started Your Sexual Awakening

The Pokemon furor is unpreventable. Growing up watching the show, playing the computer games, gathering the cards, and taking in the raps were all fair symbol love at the holy place of Poke. Furthermore, as you grow up, going from developing into a grown-up yet at the same time fixating on these phony characters, that fixation transforms into something genuine. Here are the Pokemon who began influencing you to feel all worked up.

Jynx : The ‘Original Hottie’ Pokemon

Ok fellas, we’re beginning with the first 150 for this one — it’s Jynx, the primary token cutie and (at the time) the main Pokémon to have chests. Indeed, even her hair is professionally styled. She’s cheeky, she’s certain, and unquestionably a catch (see what I did there?).

Slaking – ‘Dad Bod’ Pokemon

Try not to ponder the women. Slaking is immaculate to nestle up with — simply take a gander at those enormous, solid arms and that casual posture. He’ll influence you to feel safe from the approaching risk of Group Rocket quickly.

Mr. Mime – ‘Silent Lover’ Pokemon

Mr. Mime bailed me out of the passionate box I felt so powerlessly caught in: the container of my own blossoming sexuality. Just a Pokémon prepared in the specialty of French mime could influence me to feel so much, yet say close to nothing.

Tsareena – ‘Thicc’ Pokemon

Tsareena has an Instagram account with 100,000 fans. And I might not be surprised — baby got back. Don’t slide into her DMs (because she only takes HMs and TMs).

Zubat – ‘Friend-Zoned’ Pokemon

Zubat is always there for you, don’t care if you want him or not. You may reject his advances at first, but at last, he will wear you down. Once he slips you his “poison fang”, you’ll feel that Zubat doesn’t quit.

MilTank – ‘Exposed Nipple’ Pokemon’

Miltank is the only Pokémon to have hard, exposed nipples. Do I Need to say more?

Gothorita – ‘Hot Topic’ Pokemon

Gothorita, you dark and mysterious soul! You listen to “My Chemical Romance” and your parents just don’t “get it”. If you would notice me – behind all your black eyeliner. We could watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and be the happiest emo couple ever.

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